Free Iowa test questions


The Iowa skills test is one of the most commonly used intelligence tests for children. It measures the overall mental capacity of a child, covering all subject areas such as mathematics and language arts. However, many parents are greatly concerned about this test. They fear their children aren’t capable enough to pass the Iowa skills test.

The Iowa skills test also known as ITBS is conducted across the nation to students in kindergarten to elementary. It is composed of the same items and is scored similarly throughout the nation, both in public and private schools.

In order to prepare your child for this IQ test, it’s a must that you make use of the different resources where you can avail of free Iowa test questions. You can start your search by looking for free ITBS practice questions in the internet. There are many of them available online which you can download and print out free of charge. Local bookstores in your area as well as those found online also offer review materials for a reasonable price.

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