CogAT Sentence Completion Skills

In grades 3 and up, children taking the CogAT are asked to solve sentence-completion questions using words and not pictures. As part of your child’s preparation for the CogAT, running through a few sample questions can be extremely helpful. Free CogAT practice questions are available online, and these questions are wonderful for familiarizing your child with the question structure. They may have never encountered this particular structure before, and understanding it can make a big difference in their performance.

The concept is simple. A sentence will be presented with one word missing. Your child will be asked to choose, from a short list of approximately five options, the word which best completes the sentence. If your child is struggling with this question format, work with them using free CogAT sample questions, cognitive tests, or thinking-skills materials. Many children unfortunately score inaccurately poorly on the CogAT due to a lack of familiarity with the question structures, but proper preparation can help avoid this issue.