IQ Fun Park – Parent Comments

“We received the game yesterday. My almost 4 year old CRIED when we put it away and begged to play more! Amazing. We have done so many workbooks with her (Brain Quest, World Almanac, Kumon, etc) and she has never reacted to anything like this. THANK YOU! It is so fun to watch her love to learn!” ~ Rupe, Chicago Mom

“I highly recommend IQ Fun Park to any parent considering having their child tested for kindergarten placement. Our 4-year-old loved playing IQ Fun Park! By playing IQ Fun Park she got to practice the types of questions that were asked on her placement test. She got practice using her words to give descriptive answers. She loved using the pattern tiles and the blocks to build designs. During the test she was able to focus on the content of the questions rather than struggling to understand what the questioner meant. For instance, prior to using IQ Fun Park she had never worked her way through an analogy; her test result showed that this is now one of her strongest skills! Based on her test result she is eligible for gifted classes. We are confident that she would not have been able to demonstrate her true IQ in the testing environment without the practice in IQ Fun Park. Thank you Karen Quinn and thank you IQ Fun Park!” ~ Gong, Los Angeles Mom

“I have to say, we LOVE playing “space babies.” As someone with no early childhood education background, it is very useful to me because it helps bring to life some of the great aspects of your book (which I really think is wonderful and which a number of NYC moms and teachers have mentioned to me they are reading and love) and teaches me a bit about how to ask my child questions in a way to help them learn well and draw important connections between things.” ~ Janet, Atlanta, Georgia

“I have found the game to be really great and my child loves it. Thank you for making it, and thank you for the book, which is really a very accessible and useful read for any parent.”~ Kit W., NYC Mom

“‘A’ loved playing it – asked to play it just about every day, and I do think it helped him, particularly in verbal areas. Our favorite part was the questions involving the blocks (tapping in the order I tap) and the pattern squares (replicating patterns on the cards). ‘A’ became very good at this, which is probably solely attributable to the game. It’s nice that it’s colorful – attractive to young children. The space babies theme was much loved by my little guy.” ~ Yael, Mom from Toronto

“The game was fun for my child and that it gave me an idea what kinds of questions to expect on the various testing instruments – prior to that, I was entirely clueless.” ~ Bekah, New Jersey

“‘J’ really enjoyed the game and did not see it as prep. Most times, she asked to play the game and it wasn’t me pushing it on her. I liked that the game covered all four tests and the cards were clearly labeled by test and skill. ‘J’ loved earning the stickers and we even reordered stickers from Oriental Trading because we ran out. I liked the two different types of dice included and definitely liked the space babies. We played so often that I supplemented some of your harder email questions for the cards. Not that we even approached going through all the greens and reds you included. Because I had limited time on the weekends, I also did the home assessment questions from in the context of the game. Those questions might already be in the cards but I thought the assessments were very helpful.” ~ Radu, Houston Dad

“My daughter likes to start her day with IQ Fun Park and then comes to it many times a day. We are also done with half of the Medium level questions. I felt the pattern tiles and the block patterns were particularly good. The sequencing questions are fun to do as well. With the pictorial board, you have conveyed a lot of information to the child and this is also a learning place because she gets to practice what animals or things she can find at the farm, zoo, beach, circus, etc. The questions which ask for a story from the child are exciting. My daughter likes to take those aside, draws a story herself and then she talks about it then. I think you have done a great job of making this a delightful adventure!” ~ Martyna, San Antonio Mother

“The game got me engaging in more enlightening conversations with my kids. I noticed their strengths and weaknesses with comfort level with certain questions.”

“I had bought the IQ Fun Park with my son (3yr old) in mind and wanted to use it to prepare him for the 2012 testing. When we started playing the game my daughter (5yrs old) did extremly well with all cards, to my surprise even the HARD questions. My kids wanted to play the game every day. Seeing her do so well at the game, prompted us to get her tested and apply for a Charter school for highly gifted kids (Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy, Charlotte, NC) at the very last minute. We all played for may be 3-4 weeks and she took the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale for Intelligence, 3rd edition (WPPSI-III). She got a composite score of 135 which qualifies her for admissions to the school.  Can’t thank you enough for helping me identify me daughters talent.”

“We almost did not purchase IQ Fun Park due to the price.  We were shopping for IQ games at Barnes & Noble (around $30 for a 3-D building game and for logic games) and then started to look online and found your site.  I was quite taken aback by the price.  My husband convinced me to buy it.  He said, ‘Just think of what we pay a month for preschool.’  Based on Tati’s results, and the things I overheard at the test site, we knew that she had not been exposed to all the things she needed to know for the test.  My husband said that the game paid for itself when our younger daughter, Sasha, took the test and passed well above the gifted threshold.  I was embarrassed to admit the amount of money we spent on the game until one friend pointed out that they were in the process of moving to a new house in a better school district to enable their daughter to attend the gifted program which they think is the best in the area.  He said, “We are spending $300,000 to make sure our daughter gets a better education!  Why would we think poorly of you for spending $300 for the same reason?”   ~ Kristen, Florida Mom

“We loved that this game has all the pieces you need in one place presented in a way that is fun for the child and for the adult.” ~ Elia, New York City Mom

“The game is fun! I include game play as part of homework time, my daughters look forward to the one-on-one attention and the game itself. The game has helped my daughters practice using their words and vocabulary. They are much better story tellers now! They tell me several sentences to describe the answer instead of the one word answers I would get prior to playing the game.” ~ Daniella, Miami Mother

“The game is very versatile. I sometimes give my child a few questions to discuss during breakfast or dinner. The conversation that it sparks is always good. We love the space baby figurines (although I know my girls would love a pink or purple one!), they are very cute. The pattern tiles are excellent (a few more questions that include them would be great; my girls love the pattern tiles!). The game board itself is beautiful and very well made. My girls love the stickers; they keep them in a special place. No other stickers have this honor.”

Exposure to the types of questions asked is key. If the child does not understand what is being asked, how can they score well? The game gives us something constructive and fun to do to prepare for the test.”  ~ Jonathan, Manhattan Dad

“This product was much more useful to us than any other books or “manuals” that we had access to. Our child actually wanted to play and use it.” ~ Nancy, Mom in Boston

“Question cards are well designed. The fact it was a game worked really well. The alternative is workbooks and who wants to put a child through pages and pages of workbooks on their holiday. The game board is very creative and of good design. I liked the “quality” of all the components. Well done!”  ~ Sheila, Philadelphia Mother

“Our son giggled and had fun with secret passwords. It was a great experience to watch him process those comments. The experience with the questions resulted in reaching for other resources. E.g., we got out the Mother Goose rhymes and the Dr. Seuss at night.”  ~ Mark, L.A. Dad

“This was a fun tool that we could work on education together. The game was one among a few things attempted based on your emails and recommendations. I know this game, book, emails (whole process) was all a part of that and father and son are closer now because of the preparation time and effort.”  ~ Jeremy, NYC Dad

“As a result of the playing the game, I feel that my child has started to think analytically. It is making her brain think critically. I like the concept of space babies and the board itself gives a lot of helpful info. The tiles are well made and very good. The cards are easy to read , colorful and engrossing. The game helps parents and children to THINK, gives us an idea on what the exam will be like, all in play. I have already recommended the game to my relatives in India, who do not have the exam in India at all, who will be buying this to sharpen their child’s mind. I love the fact that Karen is so approachable , she is friendly and helpful. I am impressed that she is firmly standing behind her product and this gives me lot of confidence. She has been curious to know how it worked out for my child, giving me suggestions unique for my child and this is very comforting.” ~ Charul, Chicago Mom

“We got the game on Friday and my kids loved it. We spent the good part of Saturday and Sunday morning enjoying the game. I have a 1st grader and a 4 year old that will miss the cut off by 3 weeks. Both of them playing has worked really well. My oldest does a really good job of elaborating with her answers and setting a good example for my youngest. They love the space babies. Thanks for putting together such a great learning tool.” ~ Maria, Atlanta, GA

“I found the game to be a great asset to my tutoring practice. It has giving my practice more growth and flexibility. I can now take on more clients. Instead of one-on-one or two-on-one, I can tutor up to four children at a time. It’s wonderful because we are having fun while learning. I have found that children get bored with workbooks and from experience I have found that workbooks are not always the most effective method for every child. You have to switch it up and find the tools that spark the young brain cells. The IQ Fun Park is a game that does this. The children get so excited just looking at the box and many proactively ask to play during a tutoring session. Now if I want to use a workbook or another tool, I use the game as an incentive. It was worth the investment and it was great to have a special tool that most tutors didn’t have. The parents are amazed.”~ Jeri, L.A. Mother and Teacher

“The game helped me to identify strengths and weaknesses of the child’s mind and build those skills quickly by giving her appropriate level questions in areas where she is struggling. I love that it came with manipulatives that build fine-motor skills.”~ Chaita, Cleveland Mom

“I loved that this was a game. I was able to get through way more questions as a game than as a test or workbook. It was painless!”  ~ Anne, Manhattan Mom

“Loved being able to sort out the Olsat and Bracken questions for our testing purposes (though my son loves doing the puzzle pictures). The best part is that it is a game and that it is not so dreary to get through questions with him playing (rather than doing questions from a book). My son loved the stickers at the end and blasting off and the silly passwords. I really liked that there were different levels of questions so that you could work up to the harder ones.” ~ April, Mom from NYC

“We purchased IQ Fun Park in September. I received my daughter’s results from her test. She scored over 99% on the Classical Testing. Also she was only a couple of points away from being placed under the Gifted listing. She is admitted to a school ranked in the top 10 in Chicago. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in your book and Fun Kit.~ Victoria, Chicago Mom

“I just want to say thanks for everything. My son did GREAT! His Full Scale score was 99.7! He got in to St. John’s School, one of only two nationally ranked schools in Texas and the only one in Houston! They had over 900 applicants, for 42 spots, and we are not legacy or alumni so this was pretty incredible! I am so proud of him.” ~ Larry, Texas Dad

“Thanks for your game – it was really helpful for our family.” ~ Taylor, Connecticut Mom

Karen, we just got done meeting with the comprehensive evaluation team at our son’s school which consisted of his teachers, principal, school psychologist, social worker, nurse and gifted teacher. They went over our son’s scores on the IQ test. They used the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition. I am so excited to report that he scored a 143 which they stated placed him in the 99.8 percentile! Needless to say…he qualified for gifted! He is now elligible to transfer to a special gifted school in the district or we can have him pulled out for gifted in the school he currently attends. Now that he has been placed into the gifted program…they stated he will never again be re-tested and he will receive theses services until 12th grade! The possibilities for him are endless! Thank you for for your game. It helped to prepare our son for one of the most important tests of his life! ~ Florintina, Manhattan Mom

“Karen, There’s no doubt your game helped my daughters score well. They both scored in the 99th percentile. Thank you!”  ~ Jane, LA Mom

“Thank you for the amazing game and daily test prep questions. Each of my twins scored over 99%. I am spreading the word about IQ Fun Park and”~ Yvonne, San Francisco

“I am a nanny, and I have been playing with my employer’s children this IQ for fun game. As the kids and I play this everyday for at least half an hour, there’s no doubt that they are ahead intellectually for their age (the kids are 35 months old and 20 months old). They love it without knowing that it is preparing them to become smart kids!” ~ Ruby, Manhattan Nanny

“We spoke last year when I was so stressed and worried about my daughter, M’s, kindergarten. I wanted to tell you that she was in the 99th percentile in both G&T testing and the ERB. You should know that we relied almost exclusively on IQ Fun Park to prepare. The only other thing we did aside from using your game was to work with a 12 page workbook with sequential questions. That’s it. Nice game you invented!” ~ Haley, NYC Mom

“My friend, E, ADORES YOU! Her son scored in the 99%!”~ Smita, New Jersey Mom

“I wanted to thank you very much for creating this game. I played it with my daughter over the past 12 months (and she loves it) and we managed to get her test scores increased by 9 points — which qualified her for our first choice school! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  ~ Ramji, Florida Mom

“I love your book. It is excellent and has changed my life or really, my daughter’s life, in terms of how I’ll be educating her going forward.” ~ Consuelo, Australia Mom

“I just wanted to tell you that both my 5-year-old and my 3-year-old beg to play the IQ Fun Park game. I’m so happy we went ahead and got it. What a fun way for them to prepare without really feeling pressured. Now that I know so much more about the testing process, I feel much more comfortable gearing up for the next kids.” ~ Jin, Manhattan Mom

“I am so impressed with my children’s stamina in playing the game. I think it’s great. They sat for an hour today with it. I don’t ask them to play. They ask me. The box is actually torn from how many times it has been opened and closed.”~ Amy, Florida Mom

“We received the IQ Fun Park Game very quickly. When we played it for the first time on Saturday, my 7 year old son loved it and was very into it. Usually we are doing homework and last week we were going over the KBIT2 test questions, and so his comment at the end of the game was… ‘That was fun, we just played games today’ – With a big smile on his face. Thank you!” ~ Deb, Georgia Mom

“You run a very good business. I attended your workshops in NYC. Your information is extremely helpful and your methods just make sense to me. I’ve read your book – I’ve owned it for a year and re-read it this week. It’s really good and answers all the questions that need to be answered. We’ve had Space Babies for a year and have loved it and used it as a board game in regular rotation. Kudos to you for creating such a fun game.” ~ Jen, Manhattan Mom

“The game made my child much better at logical thinking. He is now able to concentrate better on tasks. It was totally worth the money.”~ Sam, San Francisco Father

“My son loves playing IQ Fun Park. He especially loves the Space Babies and he likes it when I ask the questions in correct Space Baby voices! By playing the game with him, we realized actually he knows more than we thought when we ask him to explain concepts (i.e. why do we wear hats?). We take the principles of the game and play them in the car. We name a bunch of related items and ask him, how are all these similar? The game really makes learning fun. It’s a great way to spend time with your child.” ~ Frank, Manhattan Dad

“To other parents, I’d say buy the game. I have a teaching degree and I’m a child development specialist. I could have made a similar game but I purchased this one instead. By the time I bought the materials and put energy into putting together something as comprehensive, I’d have spend more money to have gotten a similar product. Having the game already made allowed me to start playing with my child immediately. That’s why it’s worth it for our family.” ~ Regina, New Jersey Mom

“IQ Fun Park has helped my 3-yr-old listen more closely. She really listens to what’s being asked. Her ability to focus has really improved.”  ~ Judy, New York City Mom

“We love the flexibility of the game to adapt to each child’s abilities and interested. This includes having your encouragement in the game’s directions to keep it fun and make whatever changes seem right in the moment. Though my kids actually enjoy doing workbooks, this game offers the same type of learning with the option to get really creative. My kids make up their own rules, which makes them love the game even more. (Ex: after each roll, the player must imitate the sound of whichever animal (pictured on the board) is closest to their Space Baby.” ~ Brenda, Seattle Mom

“Your IQ fun park has been part of my child’s daily activities since we purchased it. It has helped him build his confidence in dealing with everyday things and knowledge. After playing with his “space babies game”, he has been able to answer all the IQ books and games (Brain quest, etc.) with no problems. We have been telling our co-parents about the game and after trying it out with their kids, they are committed to buy their own game. My son, at 4 years old, can now answer the questions better than his 1st grade friend.” ~ Susan, Texas Mom

“We absolutely LOVE your game (and I’ll explain why below) but I first want to say that your book has been transformative for my entire family. It has permanently changed the way I interact with both of my children (not just the “test prep” kid), in such a positive way. While it’s true that, prior to reading your book, I was already the type of mom who communicated frequently with her kids, looked for a variety of educational opportunities in day-to-day life, etc. I now feel like I have a new tool set to draw on to keep the conversation interesting. And by that I mean interesting for me, because there are only so many ways you can quiz a four-year-old about his environment. Your games and activities are awesome and some of your specific suggestions (like the dialogic reading concept) are fantastic. My husband and I felt strongly that – even though our son *is* taking the ERB – we didn’t want to obsessively prep him for the test, which is such a short term goal. We wanted a way to engage him (and his younger brother) in deeper, more meaningful ways – to truly prepare him for school and life, not just for one test. ~ Robin, Manhattan Mom

“My 4-yr-old absolutely loves the game. He was hooked right away by the idea of having to explain things to Space Babies. The “silly sentences” (or whatever they are called) are his favorite. Every time we do them, it results in a 5-minute giggle break. What I love about the game is the variety of questions, and the sheer number of questions. We have other educational games or books (like BrainQuest, which I believe you recommend), but there are so few questions we get through them really quickly. I love the different skills levels for questions (and in our version of the game we do both the Hard and the Medium side- Hard first to test a skill and then Medium to reinforce). My son loves that every card isn’t “just” a question- sometimes there is drawing involved, or sorting, or puzzles. Very creative, and interesting/ fun for both parents and kids.”  ~ Desmond, San Diego

“My son likes the space babies characters, and this got his attention initially as associating the questions with something fun. The variety of questions was good so that I could select the ones that are harder for him in order to concentrate on those areas. What would you say to other parents who are considering purchasing IQ Fun Park? A fun way to get kids interested in activities that foster test related skills in a light hearted way. Nice variety of questions and a lot of them!”  ~ Taryn, Virginia Mom

“My son had turned 3 in May and I bought the IQ FUN PARK for him as a special present. He immediately wanted to play with it and was very curious. I do not think he is ready for the questions but we still look at them. We place the space babies on our fingers and we roll the dice and I ask him questions. When I read the questions I have the babies do the talking. He really is not ready, but I want him to get familiar with everything. We count the dice and move the number of spaces and he is able to recognize the shapes and colors. I like that there are so many colors and things for him to touch and understand…it really holds his attention. This game has helped my son focus and to sit still for a longer period of time then I thought he would. This game has brought father and son closer because he will only play with me, at least for now. When I come home from work he wants me to play the game as he says, “Come on Daddy, let’s go play at the park.” Parents should get the game because it is secret learning in a fun way.” ~ Michael, NYC Dad

“My daughter is 2 years and 9 months old and loves the game. She has modified the game and now asks me questions as well. It is a great opportunity to add learning into our daily routine. Now when she asks me what something is and I tell her she will ask, “Is there anything else you want to share.” I would tell other parents that the information that is typically presented in workbook form is included in the game. Workbooks can become tedious to the parent and the child, but the game is constantly evolving. If you buy the game while the child is young, you can continue to use it after admission to the school of your choice is gained for educational purposes. The three levels of questions let the game grow with your child.” ~ Max, Connecticut

“IQ Fun Park is a GREAT fun way to learn these tests formats! My children didn’t like to sit down with a book in front of them to answer questions BUT with the game they can do it for a long time! It has the same content in a very fun format.” ~ Vicki, Las Vegas Mom

“I wanted to mention… my grandmother really enjoys this game stretching he mental capabilities, thinking outside the box. A great chance for great grandmother to interact with her great grandchildren.” ~ Rachel, Washington, D.C. mother

“My children enjoy the concept of helping their alien babies reach home before dinner. My 4- and 5-year-old analyze and discuss their problem solving strategies in sentences now!  The game is definitely worth the investment alone just for your child or children’s language development. The game cards will engage your child with various topics, develop critical thinking skills, and scaffold oral language skills.” ~ Sara, Texas Mom

“I actually wanted to write you this morning, because I finished the Testing For Kindergarten book last night and I was in tears reading your Acknowledgements. My husband looks over at me and grumbled, “oh no, are you reading some sad Oprah book again??!” lol. Thank you for all this great information. I wish I had fallen across this info a year ago, but it’s never too late. I always believed that I wanted the best for my children, and now I realize I was hardly doing much to achieve that for them. I am completely inspired and motivated to give them the edge they need. Who knew it could be so simple?!! Like you said in the book, it almost doesn’t matter as long as I’m touching on a little bit of all the 7 abilities in a fun way. This morning, we sorted their fruit loops before breakfast…and then we tried to figure out what rhymed with “loops”…of course, my son yells, “poops!” :) giggles and laughs followed!” ~ Maggie, LA Mom

“My son has integrated the board game into his life! He started asking his Bert & Ernie dolls to say “silly passwords” like “MUD IS HARD! THAT IS SILLY BECAUSE MUD IS SOFT & SQUISHY” ! That is awesome!”  ~ Namsoo, San Antonio

When my son turned 4, I started thinking about where to send my son to school. My neighborhood school is decent, but I really wanted the very best public school for my son (and of course it always helps to have options!). I started researching the schools and settled my sights on a Classical school, but in Chicago, all of the children in the Classical programs have to test in. I knew my child was a proficient reader and good at math, but I really wanted some help figuring out how to get him comfortable with the subjects that were on the test without having me or him go crazy. I looked on Amazon, and that’s when I happened to run across Karen’s book, ‘Testing for Kindergarten’. A book on testing? I thought it was going to be a chore to read it, but to my delight, it was an easy read (interesting and fun, even) and really helped me prepare my son for the test (I love the suggestion on what to tell your children so that you don’t have to refer to it a “test”). The strategies are easy to employ and are definitely a great way to help you child without memorization or “drilling” him or her on facts.

The other really really helpful aspect of the book is that it stresses habits and games that you should be practicing with your child anyways – whether or not you want to test your child into school.

The happy ending to my story is that my child got >99.9% on both the math and reading sections of the Chicago Public Schools test and got into my first choice school. I really believe that Karen’s book (and later the game) played an instrumental part in helping him prepare for the test.

Thank you, Karen! Now on to my second child… :) ~ Polina, Chicago Mom

“Karen, I exchanged emails with you and purchased IQ Fun Park in 2010 for my two older daughters. If you remember, my oldest brought her score from 121 to 138, and my middle daughter scored a 135 with only a few weeks of playing the game. My youngest is now almost 4 and a half, and we have been playing Space Babies for a few months together. She scored a 140 today on her IQ test for Kindergarten placement in our school’s gifted program! She maxed-out two of the sub-test categories. The psychologist was excited to give us the great news. I am sure she maximized her potential thanks to IQ Fun Park!”

“IQ Fun Park is my daughter’s favorite game ever. Even after her test has passed, she still wants to play it with me.”  ~ Ashley, Miami Mom

“Hi Karen, it’s Pat Jones from Far Rockaway in NY. We were introduced about a year or 2 ago. I hope you remember me. Well, just a note to let you know that your book and the game you shared with my daycare back then is has been the best thing ever happen for my group. I have implemented lots of techniques from the book and have seen the development and progress in my students. As a matter of fact on Friday November 8, I am hosting a PTA for parents of students scheduled to be tested for G&T in 2014 and I will be introducing my parents to your book. Thanks you for being an inspiration and an advocate for children . I look forward to continuing this progressive journey.”
Pat Jones, Head of a Nursery School in Far Rockaway, NY