Story Smarts

Below you’ll find an sample from the Story Smarts series, by Marion Blank, Ph.D and Laura Berlin, Ph.D –  Story Smarts is a wonderful pre-reading program designed to build your child’s reading readiness skills.  Ideally suited for children ages 4+ (although a precocious 3-year-old might be ready for it), the program also supports receptive language, expressive language, memory, and sequential thinking.  It helps children build their comprehension and story-telling abilities.  The series has thirty colorfully illustrated stories that start out very simply (a three-picture sequence) and become more complex (a five-picture sequence).  When you purchase them (in bundles of six for less than $2 per story), you can immediately download them to your computer. Dr. Marion Blank is one of America’s leading authorities on reading. I highly recommend this product for the pre-reader in your life (and I promise I’m not getting a commission if you buy it!).  But don’t take my word for it.  Try it out below and see how your child does with it.

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