Links to Websites by Chapter

In this section, I’ve listed all the links to websites that I mentioned in each chapter.  I’m also adding links to websites where you can go learn more about the subject of the chapter.

Chapters 5:  What Is on the Test?

Here you will find a practice OLSAT test

The following links are to websites that talk about the various tests children take for kindergarten admissions

Chapter 6: Milestones That Matter for School Success

On-line resources for developmental milestones

Chapter 7: Sneak Learning Into the Moments You Already Spend With Your Child

Great on-line educational toy stores

Learning Tools

CD’s and DVD’s

Free Interactive Children’s Sites

Workbooks and Free Workbook Pages

Chapter 8: Reading to Build all 7 Abilities

Videos on Dialogic Reading

Free On-line Sequencing Activities

Lyrics and Music to Thousands of Children’s Songs and Nursery Rhymes

Pre-reading and Reading Support

Chapter 9:  Instruments to Strengthen All 7 Abilities

Information on studies that show the intellectual advantages of music lessons in children

Chapter 10: Conversing to Support 6 Abilities

Information on parent talkativeness being predictive of IQ

Chapter 11: Language and More

Great clean-up and transition songs

Finger Puppets and other inexpensive craft supplies

Teaching children to listen

Chapter 12: Knowledge/Comprehension

Free on-line activities teaching children about colors, letters, numbers

Chapter 13: Memory

Magazine supporting memory and all aspects of intellectual development

Chapter 14: Mathematics

Ideas to help your child develop math skills

Chapter 15: Visual-Spatial Reasoning

Games and activities to teach spatial reasoning


Hidden Pictures

Chapter 16: Cognitive Skills

Conversation Cards

Workbooks that build reasoning skills

Chapter 17:  Fine-Motor Skills

Tools to help build fine-motor skills

Handwriting help

Easy Origami

Chapter 20: Your Best Public School Options

School options for the gifted child

Magnet and charter schools

Chapter 22: How Public Schools Use Ability Tracking

If your child is in a slow math group

If your child is in a slow reading group

Information on tracking

Chapter 23: Early Intervention and Special Education

Early intervention for children from birth to age-3

Special education

Legal issues

General information on learning disabilities